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Join Team Molly: Support the Miracle of Molly Richards

In August 2013, the Richards' family received devastating news, their beautiful 2 year old daughter Molly was diagnosed DIPG, a non-operable, incurable brain tumor. Molly went from playing in the summer sun in New Jersey to daily radiation treatments at St. Jude's in Memphis, Tennessee.

At the time, Molly's parents, Ann and Tyler, were told that there was no hope of a cure but that radiotherapy would buy extra time to make precious memories with their daughter and that if they were lucky they could expect a few months of ‘good health’ before the symptoms took hold and their little girl would start to slip away.

Molly's parents didn't give up and are are doing everything in their power to help Molly through this.  Using such tools such as diet, supplements, oils, herb and chiropractic care, they are tirelessly devoting themselves to Molly's healing process.

Our founding Team Molly member, Kristi Stephan says, " I am running the NJ Marathon in Long Branch on April 26th for Team Molly. This will be my third marathon in 5 years. My last marathon, I injured myself and was only able to complete 23 miles. This year, I will finish the 26.2 miles in honor of a little girl who has impacted many people."

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