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Our Impact in 2022

Thanks to your donations and support, Life Guard has been able to help 16 local families so far in 2022, including:

  • We helped a homeless family secure an apartment and got them started in their new home.
  • We helped a family whose wife / mother was unable to work due to a form of epilepsy. Their disability insurance hadn’t started and the family lost crucial income which caused them to fall behind on their bills and also left them with no discretionary income. Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation was able to pay their bills and help them get through this difficult time.
  • We were able to help a family who lost their apartment in a fire with temporary lodging. The family had multiple children attending school, and we were able to help keep the children in their town and enable them to remain in their school district.
  • We helped a family with a year supply of dog food for a dog that assists a special needs child.
  • We paid a family’s back mortgage payments enabling them to stay in their home while the bread winner of the family deals with extreme health issues

Since our inception in 2009, Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation has helped more than 200 local families in need of assistance, from grocery store gift cards to utility bills, mortgage payments and tax bills.

Thank you for supporting LGEF and our mission of helping neighbors in need.

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