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Help us assist local families in need

You don’t have to travel far to find families who are facing severe economic hardship; you could simply drive down your street. There are local families struggling every day just to feed their families and pay their bills. These are families whose children attend school with your children. Their parents coach your kids. How is this possible in our community?

The prolonged economic troubles in New Jersey compounded with the economic devastation of Sandy have dealt many residents in our community a severe blow. Some of us survived but others have bore the brunt of it. Although it’s hard to imagine, many of our neighbors are barely scraping by. In many instances, the situation has become so dire that the families are only now seeking assistance because they have run out of options and have run out of time.

If you are blessed to be in a position to help, we need your help- they need your help- now more than ever. Your donation will go a long way toward assisting those families in need, helping them one day at a time, in any way that you can.

Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation is a local charity that serves neighbors in our own communities. We have helped over 50 families in our neighborhood since 2009. For many families, we are their last hope.  It can be as simple as the cost of an electric bill. Next month, when you pay your electric bill perhaps you could write out one
more check in the same amount made out to Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation. You just gave a local family a ray of hope for another month. That’s how little it takes to make a big difference.

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