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Fundraiser for the Gaedt family of Neptune

Please help LGEF assist a family of five from Neptune, NJ whose three children suffer from multiple chronic medical issues, the most serious being cerebral palsy, multiple seizure disorders, and chronic lung disease.

This family was blessed with triplets in September 2011. The triplets were born at 28 weeks and spent 12 weeks in the NICU. A host of medications, specialized medical equipment, and one on one care is necessary to deal with the family’s many challenges. To make matters worse, the triplets’ loving parents have encountered their own medical conditions due to the stress and constant worry; one recently suffered a mini stroke and the other suffers from debilitating migraines causing her to leave her job on disability.

LGEF is asking for donations to immediately assist this family. You can donate on our website, selecting “Gaedt family” to ensure your funds are directed to this family. Thank you in advance for easing the burden of a neighbor!

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