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"From Fear To Hope" - Help a local woman in need

Help us as we raise money for a scared, 26-year-old female with a debilitating spine disorder that has left her not much taller than four feet. She is unable to drive and has a hard time walking and standing for long periods due to intense pain. Growing up, her parents did not know how to handle her disability. For most of her life she didn’t have anyone who took a long term personal interest in her, and she was never given the medical care she so desperately needed.

We have come together to get this young girl out of this horrible living situation and to a safe home environment where she can heal and thrive. We have located a safe room in a local residents home, and the immediate need is money to pay the rent ($600/month) and hopefully her living expenses and medical bills for one year.

It is our dream and goal to support and mentor this girl so she may eventually complete her associates degree, learn how to drive and get a job to support herself. The next 6 months are crucial as she is in need of much therapy (and love) to overcome the trauma she has endured. It is also the beginning of a medical journey to uncover any options that might help alleviate her daily pain.

You can help us by donating here on our site or via the GoFundMe page set up by Fair Haven's Cyndi Loo.

Official GoFundMe page:

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