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Team Molly

Please support Team Molly in the NJ Marathon!  Join our team and support the miracle we call Molly Richards   ... More

Kick Dance Studios supports Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation!

Coloring for Charity! Kick will donate $5 for every coloring page returned to Kick!!   ... More

Operation Rolling Stones

Life Guard Ecumenical helps a family in need by spreading stones and refurbishing their driveway ... More

About Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation

Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2009. Our mission is to raise awareness of those around us – our fellow neighbors – that are in need of assistance. More

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Campaigns & Projects

Each month, Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation finds local (NJ) families in need and hosts a fundraiser to benefit that family. In addition to raising money for food gift cards, overdue utility bills, excessive medical bills and life-dependent medications, we also volunteer our time, skills, and resources.

In August 2013, the Richards' family received devastating news, their beautiful 2... More

Please donate your lightly used costume jewelry and accessories to the Shop Your... More

We received a special email from an amazing young girl named Autumn Wagner.... More

You don’t have to travel far to find families who are facing severe economic... More

Please help us raise much-needed funds for the family of Molly Richards, a 2-year... More

Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation (LGEF) is currently raising funds to help a Red... More

News and Updates

Highlights and Recaps of Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation's efforts.

Kick Dance Studios is helping out LGEF this holdiay season with their coloring... More

“Thank you for giving us some hope for the holidays," said a mother of... More

If Superstorm Sandy has taught us one thing, it’s that the people in the Two... More

Imagine your husband being a victim of a brutal criminal attack, leaving you to... More

A Special thanks to Team Kick with Top Studio trophy from Power of Dance and... More

Our Partners

It's a privilege to work in association with some great partners, and we appreciate their efforts.

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